How to Use Econobum Cloth Diapers

Hint - For overnight diapering use 2 prefolds and set the diaper 1 size large than daytime
  • Adjust the diaper sizing by choosing the right snap setting on the front of the diaper.
  • Your diaper arrives snapped down to the "small" setting, the bottom row of snaps.
  • To use the "medium" setting, unsnap the diaper and resnap on the second row of snaps.
  • To use the diaper on the "large" setting, fully unsnap the front of the diaper.
  • Adjust the prefold sizing by folding to the correct size.
  • Place the prefold in your Econobum cover by simply laying on the inside of the cover.
  • Put the diaper on your baby. Econobum Cloth Diapers go on just like a disposable diaper.

Common Questions

How do I wash my new diapers? What detergent do I use?

Washing and detergent information can be downloaded here:

How can I tell if the diaper is adjusted to fit my baby properly?

To observe fit, pick up your baby's legs after putting the diaper on and observe how it fits around the legs and bottom. Is it snug? If you can see air between the diaper and their skin, then you need to refine the fit. Trying a smaller snap setting and fasten the tabs snugly. When you child stands up, notice how the prefold is positioned relative to the back elastic. If the prefold is higher than the back elastic, lay your child down, release the tabs, pull the diaper slightly towards the front and refasten the tabs. If you notice that the front of the diaper is positioned low over your baby's thighs or that it is difficult to fasten the diaper around your baby's waist, try using a larger snap setting. This will increase the rise of the diaper and improve overall fit. Remember, babies change shape frequently as they grow up. You may have times when your relatively young baby is using their one-size diapers on the largest setting. The same child may be on the medium setting several months later due to increased mobility.

My diapers are leaking. What's wrong?


What is the warranty on Econobum products?

Econobum cloth diapers are manufactured by Cotton Babies, the creators of bumGenius. Detailed information about the warranty that applies to Cotton Babies manufactured cloth diapers can be found on our Customer Support page at

Other Common Questions

How many diapers do I need?
If you are using Econobum exclusively, we recommend a minimum of 2 Full Kits, which includes 24 prefolds & 6 Econobum covers. This may vary based on your child's wetting habits. Remember, wash at least every other day and rotate your stash evenly.
I'd like to buy Econobum! Where can I get this brand?
Econobum products are available in baby retail stores all over the world. You're also always able to shop online through one of our online retailers.
Who manufactures Econobum?
Econobum products were created by and are manufactured by Cotton Babies, Inc. Cotton Babies, Inc. also manufactures bumGenius & Flip Hybrid Diapers.
Are diaper rash creams ok to use with Econobum?
EDiaper rashes should be treated according to your physician's recommendations. If you need to use a rash cream, use a stay-dry liner between your baby's bottom and the diaper to prevent the cream from transferring onto the diapers. Rash creams containing fish oils will make cloth diapers smell fishy. These should be avoided.